Paper cutter fence

fence in use

I need to cut some little books, all to exactly the same size. In searching for an inexpensive solution I was happy to come up with this simple hack.

I have a Kutrimmer board shear but it’s missing the fence, and I did not want to go through the hassle (not to mention expense) of ordering a original parts replacement.

The base of the Kutrimmer is metal so something magnetic seemed the simplest approach. I found a couple of strong ceramic magnets and went looking for something to attach them to. I wanted enough edge to serve as a stop for the signatures I was cutting, and something that could accommodate the magnets.

magnet and square

I ended up with this carpenter’s square. As luck would have it, the offset for the edge of the square was a perfect fit for the ceramic magnets I found. I mean PERFECT! LOOK:


How to attach the magnets? Here’s the most useful part of this post -> There is a great little website that is really useful when you are trying to figure out how to attach things to other things. It’s called This to That, and it has a pretty complete listing of which glue will work best for any given situation.

Based on This to That’s recommendation for gluing plastic to ceramic, I used good old E6000 and it worked a trick! I left the whole thing under some weight to cure for 24 hrs.

The magnets are strong and hold the fence nicely in place.

Other possible uses for a magnetic fence? If you have a steel body sewing machine you could use this or a similar set up as a sewing guide. You could also make little spice shelves for the front of your fridge – maybe I’ll try that soon!


Swanson Speedlite Level Square (Gray)

Heavy Duty Ceramic Block Magnets (Pack of 2)

E6000® Craft Adhesive 3.7 oz

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