boothI want you to draw. or knit. or write. or make a fantastic Rube Goldberg Machine. It will make you feel connected and alive. It does for me. Getting out of our heads and into our hands is the best way to shut down the negative static that builds up during the day, the week, just from living. Let yourself make bad drawings and good ones and weird ones and drawings that only you could love, that only you could make. Copy stuff to learn from it. break stuff. Embarrass yourself. Get messy. You are amazing and weird and wonderful and the universe is lucky to have you in it. (corny right? – but true!)

Every one tells you that when you start a business you need to come up with a guiding principle. A business plan. I did NOT do this. What I make sort of fell into my lap. It was a result of fiddling around and making something for myself and then having a friend ask “hey! where did you get that? I want one!” So I made her a bandolier (it wasn’t a bandolier yet – it was a pen thingy) and then she told me everyone was asking her where she got it. So I made a few and threw together a shop on Etsy. It sort of rolled on from there. So here I am and through the back door I started to think – if I had a guiding principle behind my business what would it be? When I finally let myself be quiet with the question what came to me is that I would like my bandoliers – and whatever else comes down the road – to encourage people to be in their hands more. To get out of their heads, to put it on paper, to play, and wonder. I think that for me thats what the bandolier does. Having my pens and brushes and my sketch book with me and ready roll makes it more likely that when I have that down time I’ll find my self painting or drawing or writing rather than crushing candy or breeding dragons. Or at least the dragons I’m breeding will be on paper with glorious wings and nasty teeth.



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